The Faculty of Economics was established in 1964 with an enthusiastic welcome from business circles in the Nagoya region. The 40th anniversary of the Faculty was celebrated in 2005. The number of graduates on a cumulative basis totals 7,625 (as of April 2007).

Currently, the Faculty has three departments, the Department of Public Policy in Economics, the Department of Management System and the Department of Accounting and Finance. Each one focuses on issues in economics and management from manifold points of view and aims to produce experts who can contribute to society.

We introduced a new curriculum in 2007 which ensures that students are able to learn more systematically. More specifically, basic subjects in economics and management start in the first year, and other specialized subjects for each course are offered through next three years. Seminars in small groups, which allow direct and stimulating exchanges of opinions between professors and students, are provided in the third and fourth years.

The outstanding performance of graduates in various areas of the economy, such as financial institutions, manufacturers and the public service, reflects the earnest devotion of the faculty to education.